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Efficiency and Operational Effectiveness of Magnetic Door Locks

When you are in charge of business premises, its security will be one of your top priorities. Some building call for you to do your best when such a responsibility is yours. You can thus settle for the traditional locks and keys, or you can opt for the more advanced and intelligent. Such an advanced and intelligent system comes in the form of a magnetic door lock setup.

A magnetic door lock will have magnetic contacts in place to keep the door locked, until a key card or access codes are used to release the magnetic hold, thus allowing entry into the building. It is all possible through an access control system. With such systems, your company will enjoy certain benefits.

There will for one be no key cutting costs. As a business, you will have to hire and fire from time to time. With such changes in personnel, you will have to take away and issue access to the old and new employees afresh respectively. It costs a lot to cut new keys or install new locks. Imagine having to change multiple locks every time an employee has to be released. Magnetic locks only need a new access code or a reprogramming of the old card. With no changes to the main hardware, you will incur fewer costs this way.

You also will not have to deal with the trouble of lost keys. As long as there are people present, keys will be lost. With your keys out there, you cannot be certain your building is secure. Magnetic locks take away such dangers from the building. Even when an employee fails to hand in their key card, you can deactivate it. If they knew the access codes, you could alter them.

You will also have better control and information about access to secure areas. You can tell who accessed areas you deem secure, how many times they did, and how long they were in there. There will also be sufficient data to make the workplace more efficient.

Another advantage it durability. Locks and keys will over time be affected by wear and tear. You may also face locks with keys stuck in them, which will make your business come to a standstill. Magnetic locks eliminate such troubles, while also not going through wear and tear at such an alarming pace.

You will also appreciate the improved safety. Magnetic locks are designed to open up the moment there is no main or backup power. It allows for people in there to safely leave. A lock failing that needs keys will be a major problem in situations such as a fire.
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